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English is spoken by 350.000.000 million people worldwide in over 50 countries.

There is no doubt that learning a new language improves your mind, sharpens your concentration and opens doors  to work, universities, travel and new horizons.

Classes are held for all ages and levels.

For Young children:

Fun activities, action based learning and simple word association can quickly improve  a child´s  vocabulary and confidence. Introduction to early reading and writing, phonics , spelling and sentence structure, will help the child feel comfortable and capable in English,  stories ,songs and rhymes all help towards a complex understanding , good pronunciation and listening skills.

Study groups and homework help.

Students needing to pass entrance exams for University or just requiring help with regular school tests can join group classes or book private courses such as Cambridge English for Spanish speakers.

Key stages 1, 2 ,3 and preparation for GCSE and IGCSE British curriculum    is offered for children who already have a good grasp of spoken  English but wish to improve to keep up with UK standards or  to compliment their studies at local Spanish or International school.

 A range of subjects are available including.> English Language & Literature, Mathematics, Geography, History, Science and Spanish GCSE for English speakers.

Adult classes.

General group coversation class is a great way to improve your English and become a confident speaker in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more specific needs, such as vocabulary for different work fields ,

Financial / Business Engish, customer service, retail, sales, property, fashion or Medical ,private or small group classes can be arranged.


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