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Kids Swing Yoga

 At ArtsClubEstepona

Swing Yoga is a fantastic fun way to keep kids fit and healthy. Children love to swing, hang upside down, twist, turn and test their strength.


The class starts with a warm-up of physical gymnastic type exercises, stretching, strengthening to improve their flexibility, core and upper body strength and progresses to more adventurous moves in the swing.

As children get stronger and more agile they become more confident in the swing and are able to perform greater moves sustaining their own weight and controlling their bodies and movement of the swing and stirrups .

 The children will improve their co ordination, spatial awareness, discipline, and are encouraged at the end of class to experiment in creating their own moves and choreography. This choreography may be included in the end of year performance where the children display the aerial skills they have learned in class.

Although the class has an upbeat fun feel, the utmost care and attention is paid to the safety of the children and protection against overstretching or straining of their young muscles.

Current classes run Mondays 5 - 6 pm & Wednesday 6 to 7pm for under 16s    

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