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Theatre Club


The Theatre club is a wonderful way for children to express themselves

and gain confidence whilst learning new skills and improving their English.

At ArtsClubEstepona Children are introduced to.


Improvisation, speech, verse and prose, diction, projection , character exploration, and delivery.


Dance is an integral part of Theatre, not only to help their coordination and spatial awareness,

but to improve their posture, gait, and movement on stage.

Children will be introduced to Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Street, Hip Hop, Contemporary, National and Character Dance. They will also learn different styles of choreography depending on the project on which we are covering, for example, a production of Bugsy Malone would include Charleston routines from the 1920s whereas a production of Chicago would use the distinctive style of Fosse.


Breathing techniques and vocal exercises are vital for  good projection, diction,

pronunciation and character execution.

The Voice is one of the actor´s most valuable tools.






Most Musical Theatre actors are required to sing even if only as a chorus member.

Singing has several physical benefits including help with stammers,

confidence, respiration, and diction.


The children will be encouraged to form their own plays,

at first at an improvisation level and then on to learn how the whole production process works behind the scenes. They will also be given scripts to work from and learn how to block and interpret lines.

Children will work towards a performance for parents at the end of the year, Individually if they wish to take exams in L:A:M:D:A or R.B.S they can be coached to do so.

Classes are held Friday 17.00 -19.00 for under 16 year olds. Extra classes may be added when rehearsing for productions.

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